We offer different kinds of knitwear:

  • Various kinds of linings
  • Velour knitwear
  • Mesh knitwear

 Used in industries such as:

  • clothing and shoe industry;
  • automotive industry;
  • furnishing industry;
  • production of toys ;
  • lingerie and underwear producers;
  • textile laminates sector;
  • producers of medical and rehabilitation devices;
  • blankets and wool products sector;
  • manufacture of tools;
  • and other.



Our offer contains knitwear of basic weight ranging from 12g/m2 to 200g/m2.
We are able to produce any color according to templates provided by the client.
The knitwear’s width is declared by the client.

In order to learn more about our offer, feel free to use the contact form, and optionally provide company and address for shipping. After obtaining the information, we will send samples of our knitwear.